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Welcome to the OGC API workshop!

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OGC is globally known for its proven widely implemented open standards. The OGC open consensus-based standards development process has evolved to move at the pace of innovation, with constant input from technology forecasting, practical prototyping, real-world testing, certification and compliance and community engagement. Today we are revolutionizing how geospatial/location information is shared, accessed, integrated, and analyzed via the OGC’s revolutionary APIs- the building blocks for location information.

OGC APIs are designed to make it easy for ANYONE to provide and use geospatial data on the web, and to integrate this data with ANY other type of information. These Standards build upon the legacy of the OGC Web Service Standards (WMS, WFS, WCS, WPS, etc.), but define resource-centric APIs that take advantage of modern web development practices. This web page provides information on these Standards in a consolidated location.

These Standards are being constructed as "building blocks" that can be used to assemble novel APIs for web access to geospatial content. The building blocks are defined not only by the requirements of the Standards specified in the OGC's Standards Program, but also through interoperability prototyping and testing in the OGC's Collaborative Solutions and Innovation Program.

Your workshop team

Joana Simoes Tom Kralidis Krishna Lodha

About this workshop

This workshop provides a combination of concepts, presentation and exercises of OGC APIs in support of discovery, access, visualization and processing in support of FAIR data principles.

Exercises are indicated as follows:

Example exercise

A section marked like this indicates that you can try out the exercise.

Also you will notice tips and notes sections within the text:


Tips share additional help on how to best achieve tasks

Examples are indicated as follows:


        <title>This is an HTML sample</title>


    type: collection
    title: my cool collection title
    description: my cool collection description

Snippets which need to be typed in a on a terminal/console are indicated as:

echo 'Hello world'

Workshop location and materials

This workshop is always provided live at

The workshop contents, wiki and issue tracker are managed on GitHub at


For issues/bugs/suggestions or improvements/contributions, use the GitHub issue tracker.

Contributions are always enncouraged and welcome!

Now, on to the workshop. Let's go!